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Walk In The Treeline

We consider our resort to be one of the closest resorts to the Drakensberg Range (walking distance), and living in the shadow of the Barrier of Spears, neighbouring the Ukhahlambe Drakensberg Park, we always appreciate how special that is, and want to bring our guests closer to this World Heritage Site.

Our Birdwalk at the Adventure Park is a 4 metre high walkway built amongst the trees, has a small walkway running underneath it, and has 2 prominent viewing platforms. One is in the forest area with great views of the mountains and near to our treetop rope course. The other is extended over the Mlambonjwa (a tributary of the Umzimkulu River), with views up and downstream of this picture perfect berg river, as well as majestic scenery and animal life.

Our goal here is to give our guests an elevated view of the area’s beauty, and to be able to relax on the viewing decks to view the abundant animal life in the area. Not only do we have a wealth of antelope ranging from the little Duiker, the rarely seen and very shy Grey Rhebok, but also the many majestic Eland, which roam the valley, the resort and golf course on regular occasion. *Some Eland facts: The Common Eland (Taurotragus oryx) can weigh up to over 900kg, and is Dutch for “elk” or “moose”. Males can be distinguished from females by having a large dewlap on their throats, and thicker, shorter horns than those of females.

The birdlife is quite abundant in the area, with many species such as the plentiful African Olive (Ramaron) pigeon, the Bokmakierie and Giant Kingfisher. There are also many birds of prey, such as the Jackal Buzzard, the African Harrier Hawk, a variety of Eagles, and the endangered Bearded Vulture, “common” to this specific region, and often sighted at Drak Gardens.

On the Bearded Vulture, also called the “lammergeyer”, (again Dutch) meaning “lamb vulture”, we suggest you look into the international plight of this amazing and sadly endangered animal on Wikipedia, and more importantly into the good work being done in this area by the local heroes of the Bearded Vulture Task Force and African Raptors. These are to name but a few bird species, and a list is available at Hotel Reception. We welcome any new sightings to add to the bird list.

The Birdwalk is simply our tribute to the wonder of nature around us, and presents a fantastic photo opportunity for weddings which we host at the hotel.